Bauer Fitting Advantages

Bauer Fitting connectionBauer fitting lifespan excels all others. Quality of steel, the simplicity of design, quality of manufacture gives you a product that will last many years. We have users still working with a 40-year-old pipe!

  • Fast and secure lever closure
  • Articulation up to 30 degrees
  • Leak-proof connection
  • Suction or pressure
  • Up to 174 PSI
  • Water or oil fluids
  • Lightweight galvanized steel
  • No loose parts, no tools

The Bauer Fitting is absolutely the fastest way to connect and disconnect pipe and hose.

Bauer Fitting ArticulationGood for undulating terrain or laying pipeline around obstructions. The articulation of the Bauer ball-n-socket fitting makes assembling pipelines a snap.

Bauer fitting connection holds via a positive lock retainer, no pins required. Designed to hold tight and levers will not become loose with wear.

Bauer quality is unequaled. Bauer developed the ball-n-socket fitting and have perfected reliable manufacturing over the past 75 years.  There are many copies and versions, but none are made to Bauer quality.


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