Bauer Fittings

Complete line of Genuine Bauer Fittings

Why choose the Bauer brand? Bauer Fittings can be purchased on galvanized steel pipe, HDPE poly pipe, for hose, or just plain elbows, tees, etc. Read some of the articles in our Knowledge Library (Bauer Fitting Quality and Bauer Background) to learn why choosing the Bauer brand is important.

We also supply other fitting types.   Such as flanges, iron pipe thread, Anfor (A) style ball-n-socket, Cam-Loc, etc.  We in fact often make adapter fittings to convert to Bauer ball-n-socket from most any type of fitting.  Custom fittings can be fabricated in our welding shop.

Hose fittings and adapters can be ordered as individual components or in sets.  Example: hose fitting set will include the ball and socket ends, an O-ring, and a clamp.  An adapter fitting set will include the adapter, an O-ring, and a clamp.

Sizes from 2” to 12”.

O-Rings ordered separately.

Pressure Ratings:

  • 2″ and 3″ is rated for 290 PSI.
  • 4″ through 12″ is rated for 174 PSI.
  • Anfor, or A style, fittings are rated for 50 PSI.


  • 4″ is 30 degrees.
  • 6″ and 8″ is 20 degrees.
  • 12″ is 16 degrees.

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Bauer fittings
Bauer Fitting- Elbow
Bauer fittings
Bauer Fitting Stock
Bauer Fittings on Job
Bauer Fittings on Suction Lines

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