Bauer Quick Connect Fitting

Bauer quick connect fitting components can be purchased in bare black steel.  Make your own custom QD fittings.  Will need to paint or galvanize to prevent rust.

Bauer balls, sockets, levers, and O-rings are readily available.  When you want a quality QD fitting that works reliably under pressure or suction, choose Bauer Fittings.

Can also supply other components such as bare black tees, elbows, and adapters.

Our assembly shop can make up customer fittings for you.  Can be supplied galvanized or black per your request.

Talk with us about volume supply.  We can even direct ship from Bauer.

Quick Connect Fitting Sizes

Sizes from 2” to 8” for Bauer brand.

Anfor or B Style 10″ and 12″ non-Bauer brand.

Bauer Quick Connect Fitting- Ball
Bauer Ball- Black
Bauer Quick Connect Fitting- Lever
Bauer Lever- Black
Bauer Quick Connect Fitting- Socket
Bauer Socket- Black
Bauer Fitting Components
Raw Components