Custom Fittings

Sometimes you need a special adapter, header pipe, or manifold.  Our team can help you by designing and building custom fittings in our on site welding shop.

Your custom fittings can incorporate Bauer elements or most any fitting type you need. Tell us what you need.  Most of the time we can quote a price within minutes.  Actual manufacture is typically a day or two.  Finish may delay delivery.  Painted fittings are easy, but if you want galvanizing, that adds about 3-4 weeks.

If you foresee a need for additional units, we can plan with you to have them ready when you need them.  Often special order custom fittings have become normal stock items.  Example, we now stock several flange by flange fittings and adapters because people find them so handy.

Another example is the “Hunne Bucket”, an inline strainer with easy access hatch you install at the pump intake.  Makes clearing debris from the suction side very easy.

We have welding stations with automatic turners, custom-built presses, pipe expanders, etc that allow us to quickly make functional quality fittings.

We also stock special thin-wall steel that provides the strength and durability yet eliminates the weight of typical schedule 40 steel.

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Custom fittings
Custom Fitting Construction
Bauer Custom fittings
Hunne Bucket
Custom fittings Bauer coupler
Custom Manifold
Bauer custom fittings
Welder in action