Why Genuine Bauer Fittings

Only Wolf Creek’s Genuine Bauer Fittings have the Quality Your Tough Job Demands.
You can see the difference between the Genuine Bauer and generic lever closure.

genuine Bauer fittings

Notice the welded straps for the lever arms?

The Genuine Bauer levers are held to the ring by welded straps. These straps do not wear  out or stretch, ensuring longer life and a stronger connection.
genuine Bauer fittings
Now for the generic fittings…

Generic fittings use rivets to hold the lever arms onto the ring. Since there isn’t a square nose design to the lever, they can easily come open.
genuine Bauer fittings

Notice the “squared nose” on the Genuine Bauer lever?

This “square nose” is what keeps the Genuine Bauer lever in the closed position without requiring a locking pin.
genuine Bauer fittings
This is why generic fittings have to use locking pins to keep closed. Under normal use, the rivet holes can become sloppy. This slop makes the levers loose. A loose lever arm can cause a potential leak on the joint.
genuine Bauer fittings

Ask your hose supplier for Genuine Bauer! If the name isn’t on the handle it’s not Genuine Bauer!

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