Genuine Bauer

We are “Your Source for Genuine Bauer Pipe and Fittings”. What does “Genuine Bauer” really mean? It means Genuine Bauer Quality.

Bauer is a Brand

Genuine Bauer QualityMany use the term “Bauer” to specify any ball-n-socket type fitting, much like people call bandages “Band-Aids.” Band-Aid is a company that makes bandages. They did such a good job that they dominated the market to the point their brand melded into the common term for all bandage products.

Bauer is the company who created the ball-n-socket fittings going on 75 years ago. Like Band-Aids, Bauer dominated the market for so long that “Bauer” is now used as a term for ball-n-socket fitting, but they are not the same thing. There is a reason those who know understand the difference between Bauer and all the others choose Genuine Bauer Quality.

Genuine Bauer Quality

Experienced people by far recognize that Genuine Bauer brand fittings are simply higher quality. Quality is determined by the buyer; sometimes a person may decide that a lower quality fitting is “good enough.” We would counter that lower quality is always more expensive because of the risk taken. Lower quality means a higher possibility of costly failures and a shorter lifespan.

What really bums us is when buyers think they are buying Bauer brand quality, but are really being sold a lower cost knock-off. If you want Bauer brand quality, make sure that’s what you get. When the price seems too good to be true, that’s a clue it’s not Genuine Bauer.

Bauer is On the Handle

Bauer Brand Handle
Bauer Brand Handle

You always know a real Bauer brand fitting because it says “Bauer” on the closure handle.  The Bauer name is stamped into the steel, not a decal or paint.

Most other fittings do not have any brand listed anywhere on their fitting. In fact, many are sold under a few different brand names.

Generic brand Handle
Generic brand Handle

Bauer is in the Lever

Bauer’s handle lock
A Genuine Bauer brand fitting will have a lever latch attached to the ring via a welded strap. The straps are stamped into the lever ring during creation. There are no parts to wear out.

The welded strap design also creates an over-cam closure to the lever hook. This insures a tight and secure connection that will not come undone.

Other fittings use pins, rivets, etc to form a hinge. Inherently these components wear, causing a looser fitting lever closure. Nor do such configurations provide a relatable totally leak proof connection under pressure or suction conditions.

Other fittings also require a lock pin because their design either has no locking mechanism or a very weak one.

Generic brand Lever
Generic brand Lever

Bauer Brand is a Choice

If you want the quality inherent to a Bauer made fitting, then please be sure fittings called “Bauer” are truly manufactured by Bauer.

We often hear stories how people were lured by a cheap price then realized they were taken by a low quality fitting passed off as a true Bauer brand.  Demand Genuine Bauer Quality.

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