Innovative Products

Between patenting innovative products and creating designs and tools to help you, we’re always looking for ways to make your life easier!

PolyBarb HDPE Pipe & Tails

PolyBarb HDPE Pipe & Tails - one of our many innovative products!Wolf Creek’s PolyBarb™ portable pipe combines the ease and quickness of the Genuine Bauer Quick Coupler with the durability of HDPE pipe. Our patented barb and retainer fitting creates a positive, high pressure, leak-proof connection. (Patent # US 7,025,390 B2) The welded hinge pins add strength and durability above all others.

Wolf Creek Galvanized ANSI Flange Reducers

Wolf Creek Galvanized ANSI Flange Reducers - one of our many innovative products!Save your back! When your job demands a tough and durable fitting, our new Galvanized Flange Reducer has you covered. Our Galvanized ANSI Flange Reducers are lighter than iron fittings, a mere 91 lbs!

The Wolf Creek Warhammer

The Wolf Creek Warhammer - one of our many innovative products!The #1 Tool for Portable Pipe Set Up & Tear Down! Galvanized for durability, the Warhammer (p# MT012BG) is the tool to get the job done safely opening and closing clamps. This is the one tool you’ll need to set up & tear down portable pipe. You can only find this innovative products at Wolf Creek.

Hunnebucket Strainer

Hunnebucket Strainer - one of our many innovative products!The Hunnebucket is the right inline strainer to ensure your pumps are operating efficiently, minimizing pump wear from undesired substances in your lines. Pipe inline strainers will reduce your downtime, reduce your maintenance, protect downstream systems, and improve the final product quality. Their low investment cost makes inline strainers imperative for your process systems.

Wolf Creek Road Crossings

Wolf Creek Road Crossings - one of our many innovative products!Our unique road crossings are used to transfer fluids across driveways without blocking vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Made from heavy steel construction to handle any vehicle, including fully loaded trucks. Plan for solid support of complete crossing footprint. Base can be pavement or compacted gravel. Their stack-able design allows for easy transport and storage.

Wolf Creek Pipe Racks

Wolf Creek Pipe Racks - one of our many innovative products!Simple design yet very flexible. Can use with multiple pipe lengths and diameters. Why live with piles of pipe using valuable yard space or the damage transport and handling can cause? Wolf Creek’s Pipe racks are a great way to keep your portable pipe off the ground, organized.